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Slavonic Furniture Company

We have the certificate of conformity requirements


Production facilities

  • Solid wood production

    Components for products such as counter: tops, pillars, shelves, cainets, chairs and frame components for upholstered furniture

  • Products made of pine, birch, spruce,

    bars, edged boards, support bars

  • Furniture for living rooms, children's rooms

    Components for products such as counter: tops, pillars, shelves, cabinets, chairs

  • Production of mattresses, sleeping systems

    Components for products such as counter: tops, pillars

  • Production of upholstered furniture

    Sofas, armchairs, ottomans, рuffs

Our products

Доминик 757 Кровать 720 серый Find out the price
Dominik 757 Bed 1423 beige-dark brown Find out the price

Production space

Nizhny Novgorod

  • 5.6 ha

    Land plot

  • 46 000 m2


  • 400 positions

    of articles

  • ERP planning system, accounting and control of production time and consumables
  • Shelf storage of ready made products

Gorodets (Nizhny Novgorod Region)

  • 3.6 ha

    Land plot

  • 22 000 m2


  • 13 000 m3

    Single loading

  • Production of semi-finished products for upholstered furniture and beds (including export)
  • Careful forest management

Our advantages

  • Certificate of conformity
  • Сertified quality assurance procedures
  • 400 km from Moscow eastward
  • Rich wood resource – 800000 m3 cutting area with leverage of up to 400 km (birch, pine, spruce)
  • Winner of the "Exporter of the Year" competition in the main category "Exporter of the Year in Industry" in the Volga Federal District.

International logistic center

Slavonic Furniture Company offers services of logistic center located in international transport corridor Moscow-Kazan (address: Nizhny Novgorod, Fedoseenko str, 70).

  • rental lease of salesrooms and warehouses with surface 25000 m2
  • custom clearance of goods and shipping documentation
  • receipt, dispatch and delivery of goods to customer
  • processing, packaging, storage and in-checking of goods
  • good transport junction and parking area for long trucks
Individual discussion of partnership
years of tradition woodworking
experience in export deliveries
km from Moscow eastward

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