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Slavonic Furniture Company
  • products made ​​of solid wood
  • certification
  • best price
  • delivery in any city оf RF , CIS , EU
900 m3 - max capacity in the finished product per month/ 3 shifts >50% - free capacity for now
Production facilities in Gorodetz
  • Workshop 1 - solid wood production.
    components for products such as counter-
    tops, pillars, shelves, cabinets, chairs
  • Workshop 2 – nomenclature for order of products made of pine, birch, spruce: bars, edged boards, support bars and frame com-
    ponents for upholstered furniture.
Production facilities in Nizhny Novgorod:
  • Workshop 3 - production of furniture for living rooms, children's rooms
  • Workshop 4 - production of mattresses , sleeping sys-
  • Workshop 5 - production of upholstered furniture : sofas, armchairs, ottomans, рuffs.
Production space
Total area of factory – 20 000 m²
  • Warehouse of finished goods – 1500 m²
  • Warehouse of materials – 500 m²
  • Production area - 15 500 m²

5000 m²
Area of lumber storage

Capacity of kilns
Total volume of single load – 1550 m3/1335 m3
  • 4 kilns 200 m3
  • 3 kilns 100 m3
  • 3 kilns 150 m3

Equipment from Katres and Graco (Czech)
5-7 years old electronically controlled

Slavonic Furniture Company offers services of logistic center located in international transport corridor Moscow-Kazan' (address: Nizhny Novgorod ul.Fedoseenko 70).

  • rental lease of salesrooms and warehouses with surface 25 000 m2
  • custom clearance of goods and shipping documentation
  • receipt, dispatch and delivery of goods to customer
  • processing, packaging, storage and in-checking of goods
  • good transport junction and parking area for long trucks.
  • 60 years of tradition of woodworking
  • 10 years supply of wood products to Europe
  • 12 years experience of working per IKEA orders
We have the certificate of conformity
IKEA requirements (wooden components)
Our advantages
  • FSC certificate of conformity
  • Сertified quality assurance procedures
  • 400 km from Moscow eastward
  • Gorodetz is a well-known center of handicrafts & woodworking in the Volga region, population is 36000 people, average salary in industrial sector is 16000 rub/month
  • Rich wood resource – 800000 m3 cutting area with leverage of up to 400 km (birch, pine, spruce)


Address: 43, Torfyanaya st., Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

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